How to Make a Baseball Bat

how to make a baseball bat

Recently, I learned how to make a baseball bat for my son. I have prepared quite a bit of knowledge for this plan. And I had an acceptable product. I want to share for everyone to comment on their way.

If you think this is too difficult, you can rely on advice from experienced people through to choose to buy yourself the most suitable stick.

Materials to prepare:

To start the work, I need to prepare the ingredients. It is very easy to find and purchase. I have prepared the following items:

A model baseball bat.

Custom cuts of wood, meeting the size of the bat you want to make

Perforated kits with diverse chisels such as oblique, pointed, sickle, straight, …

Lathe, surface polishing machine, hammer, wood saw planer, ball pen, and scale.


bat form


Manufacturing steps to cause the baseball

Step 1: Create a basic shape for the log

First, I took the piece of wood prepared to form a rectangular box, size: 37 inches long by 3 inches by 3 inches.

I then use opaque to remove its corners, so that the cross-section is octagonal, which will reduce the amount of wood you need to remove.

If you order a piece of wood that has been prepared for a baseball bat, you may not need to do this step like me.

Step 2: Mark the locations where wood needs to be removed

You use the prepared baseball bat model

Place the model on the top of the log, using a marker pen every 4 inches 1 times the diameter of the bat.

The marker will serve as a guide when turning wood. These measurements represent 4-inch increments from the crown to the muzzle. [2]

The knob should measure diameter 2.

The knob should measure 2 ”diameter.

4 “diameter is 1”

8 “diameter is 1”

12 ”diameter is 1 ⅛”

16 ”diameter is 1 ¼”

20 ”diameter is 1 ¾”

24 “diameter is 2 3/16”

28 ”diameter is 2 7/16”

32 ”diameter is 2 ½”

Step 3: Turning wood according to the marked size:

Put the stick in the lathe, making sure it is in place and firmly.

I used the instructions at “wikihow” to perform this stage:

  1. Turn on the lathe
  2. Use a roughing gouge to round out the wood into a cylinder
  3. Make diameter cuts every four inches as a guide
  4. Use a gouge to connect the diameter cuts of the first 12 inches of the barrel
  5. Remove wood along the handle end of the bat
  6. Remark the bat with 4-inch increments
  7. Use a skew chisel to cut diameter cuts every four inches along with the handle
  8. Connect the diameter grooves using the gouge chisel
  9. Measure the desired bat length from the end of the barrel
  10. Create the knob of the bat
  11. Check the bat for bumps
  12. Sand the bat

Step 4: Complete the bat

I use 2-layer varnish, Min-Wax wax to finish the bat surface.

After a period of hard work, the result I received was a pretty satisfactory bat. However, the feeling of holding it is not really good. If you really want to personalize your bat, I hope you give it a try. Good luck!

Easy Sport Player Meals – A Few Simple Foods That Will Get You Going

If you’re an aspiring athlete or just trying to improve your game, there are many tips for easy sport player meals to get you ready. There’s no need to starve yourself or buy fancy restaurant food. You don’t need a top of the line treadmill to get in shape.

You can easily find great meal time combinations that will help you lose weight and keep it off, or stay in shape. And once you get started eating right, you’ll realize that the diet is really easy!

The most important ingredient of any meal is protein. This provides your body with the building blocks that it needs to build muscle, which is why most athletes need more protein than people who don’t.

Chicken and rice are two of the easiest foods to include in your meal plans. They are both low in fat and contain all of the protein that you need to build muscles. Both of these items are also easy to cook. They aren’t very expensive to buy and easy to prepare.

04 Easy Sport Player Meals A Few Simple Foods That Will Get You Going 2

One of the best ways to make easy sports player meals is by using pasta as a base. There are many different kinds of pasta out there, so finding one to use in your meal will be easy. Pasta is very healthy, but it won’t burn many calories when eaten in moderation.

A lot of pasta has a high carbohydrate content. You want to make sure that you eat pasta that has a low glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrates don’t raise blood glucose very quickly.

You can use some simple ingredients for easy sports player meals that don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can make your own yogurt or even just add some almonds to your coffee. These foods are good for your body but they’re also cheap and easy to cook.

Easy sport player meals don’t have to cost a lot of money. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying expensive workout gear to get into shape. Just take a little time and find a few simple recipes that work for you. You’ll soon be ready to compete at your best.

If you’re still having trouble getting into shape, you should consider making a meal plan with a friend. When you get a little more familiar with each other, you’ll be able to talk with each other about meal times and how many calories you should be eating at each meal.

04 Easy Sport Player Meals A Few Simple Foods That Will Get You Going 1

The reason why you should make a meal plan with a friend is that you’ll have someone who can guide you through the process. You’ll also be able to get help with choosing the food that you’ll eat.

Make sure that you read the labels on all the food you choose to buy. Make sure that the food is organic, if possible.

Foods should be nutritious, but you have to make sure that you are getting plenty of fiber from them. Fiber is great for your body and will help you feel full more quickly.

With the right combination of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you can create easy sport player meals that are low in calories and fat. They’re also easy to cook and delicious.

You need to be careful about high-fiber foods. You don’t want to eat a lot of fiber foods if you want to stay healthy. You don’t want to end up putting your body through too much trouble.

You should avoid eating large amounts of pasta and breads. Stick to low-fat and high-fiber breads and cereals.

Eat foods that are high in good fats. You can eat these with chicken or fish.

How to Choose Bow for Beginners

Choosing a bow and arrow is very important for you to start your own journey. So I would like to present to you the main factors that you need to understand carefully before buying. This post will help new members choose the arc but do not know where to start.

How to Find Your Right Bow

1 – Determine the line you want to select

There are 3 main lines: Compound bow (3 strings), Recurve bow (1 string), and traditional bow (longbow, Manchu bow, Turkey bow, Korean bow, Mongol bow …), each has different advantages and disadvantages. You have to know which bow you love, each line is a different shooting technique, for example, the bow compound shot with pincers, the recurve is the tab and the tradition of shooting with rings, all 3 types also have many similarities, will It doesn’t matter if you want to experience all 3, but I recommend that you specialize in a certain line.

You can visit Light Bowhunting to know more about archery buying guides to choose your best.

find your bow

2 – Determine the purpose of the shot

In the main bowlines, the bow is divided into target bow and hunting bow, so depending on the purpose you use, you will choose the bow according to your purpose, of course, the bow target is hunting or vice versa. otherwise, it is okay but will not achieve the desired effect because of design, power, length, weight…. There are differences between these two arcs so you will not get maximum performance if used for different design purposes. Can still shoot, but I do not recommend it.

In addition, the accessories attached also decide whether you are shooting a bow target or hunting (sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, plunger….)

3 – Determine the price you want to invest

The decisive factor for choosing a supplier is the price of money, the bow and arrow currently has a lot of money, many new friends will be “ghostly imported” in the matrix of the bow and arrow types cost as well as the supplier.

Currently, bows and arrows are priced from 2 – 3 million to 100 – 200 million, but depending on the supply line and economic conditions you can choose for yourself the most suitable bow and see if you are suitable for the line. that bow? Buying inappropriateness will be costly. I give you 4 price ranges (below photo) for you to refer to, for novices should buy level 1, with a little more conditions, level 2 will have a better bow so you can quickly improve your level. and practicing good techniques, after playing well and practicing all the basic techniques can be gradually upgraded.

You can read our review to choose the right bow for your kids here.

4 – Determine body index

The advantage of the compound is that it can adjust the bow parameters in terms of length and firing force, so it won’t be too much of a problem if you shoot the compound.

For the recurve, the parameter is fixed, so before choosing the bow you must know how much you match the bow force and whether the bow length matches your arm span?

The basic design of the recurve bow is that the target is usually 66.68.70 inches long and can be fully attached, and the hunting is usually 52 to 64 inches in length and light in weight, minimal for movement, so it cannot be mounted. For many items, some lines do not attach anything.


According to my experience, most of the Vietnamese people will be suitable for a shooting force of 25-35 lbs for beginners, the length will depend on the shooting purpose for you to choose. I will advise in detail a suitable bow for newbies so please feel free to ib me.

The above are 4 basic criteria for you to choose a suitable bow. In addition to the above criteria, there are also the choices of brand, origin, material, structure…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, in addition, was founded in 2013 as a forum for the exchange of archery knowledge after I have provided all kinds of bows and arrows since 2015 based on prestige and experience should make you completely assured of your product. Always have a warranty, return, free lifetime repair support, 24/7 answer regardless of your questions day and night.

Thank you for your reading.

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A 10-Minute Guide To Healthy Living

There are many good reasons to live a healthy lifestyle. The simple truth is that you can live a more healthy life, and feel better overall, if you make the right lifestyle changes and choices. Healthy lifestyle choices and health: So here’s that whole article again, could it be more relevant this time?

Good Lifestyle Choices and Health – this may sound like a given, but it can be challenging, especially when you are first starting out on your journey to health. A good healthy lifestyle can really help you get an overall better quality of life. Healthy choices: A diet that is low in saturated fats, sugar, and salt can help to lower high blood pressure and help to control diabetes.

Healthy exercise – if you want to see a significant reduction in your weight, you need to get up and move. You need to take some time out from your usual routine to do some physical activity. Exercising daily can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

A healthy lifestyle choices and health – a daily exercise program is really important. A fitness program is really important if you want to see any noticeable results. You may want to consider going for a class or enrolling in a gym. A gym membership is often cheaper than a gym membership at a local university or college.

Healthy eating – this seems like a no brainer but many people do not think about eating well as part of their overall health plan. Eating healthy meals throughout the day, and making sure that you are getting enough essential nutrients, can actually improve your health by increasing your energy levels and reducing stress.

Healthy stress management – having stress is natural but taking time to relax and relieve stress can help to improve your overall health. Staying relaxed while you work, eat or sleep can also help to improve your overall health. Stress management and stress reduction are a key aspect of your overall health plan. You don’t have to be in pain to enjoy a better lifestyle and feel better overall.

09 A 10 Minute Guide To Healthy Living 1

A regular exercise schedule – although there are plenty of physical activities that you can participate in, you should consider including some form of exercise into your daily routine. If you are already exercising, you may want to do a few different kinds of exercises so that you can get the best results.

Healthy lifestyle choices and health – a healthy diet can also help to improve your health. A good balanced diet is very important if you want to get a long lasting effect from your exercise programs and healthy eating programs.

A long term weight loss and better overall health – all three of these aspects will improve your health if you take time to look after them. Healthy living can improve your general health, make you feel better overall, and help you achieve better results in all areas of your life. It is never too late to take advantage of these great opportunities for you to experience a healthier lifestyle. If you need to lose weight, stop smoking, improve your general health, or simply just look better overall, then it may be time to get started now.

What Is Cricket Indoor?

Indoor cricket is basically the same as regular cricket and shares many common elements with it. The game usually involves two teams, each consisting of four or six players.

Cricket indoor is played with two bases, and in most cases two outfielders too. The wicket is normally at the centre of the ground and in some cases is positioned on the edge of the wicket. In order to stop a cricket ball from going over the wicket boundary, it has to be hit with an outside edge. If the wicket is positioned on the edge, it will have a hole in it. In order to reach the wicket from the other side, one has to take a single.

Cricket indoor also has its own version of the batting system. The three traditional forms of batting are bowling, running and trapping. In bowling, the batsman first tries to hit the ball in the air and then throws it towards the ground. A running trap is played by the batsman by pushing the ball along the ground until it hits an obstruction and is pushed towards the boundary.

Cricket indoor usually consists of three types of matches; the first one is known as a ‘league match’, the second is a cup competition, and the third is a knockout tournament. In every league match, the teams are divided into two groups. Once in a league match, teams will compete against each other to earn points and eventually come out as champions. Cup competitions are usually played over two days and the teams competing will be ranked according to their performance in the matches.

Different leagues are available, depending on the type of cricket you prefer. However, for the best experience in a competitive environment, it is recommended that you try playing in an amateur league. You can sign up as a participant through online or through local leagues. Amateur leagues allow you to play under different rules and regulations than those available in professional leagues. They are also cheaper to play in comparison to professional leagues. However, if you want to play against professionals, you can sign up as a member of a professional club.

Cricket indoor offers a lot of benefits. For example, it allows you to be able to practice without being watched or bothered by spectators. It also allows you to hone your skills and sharpen your mind. If you love playing the game, it would not be wrong to say that cricket indoor can teach you to be better at the game. and make you a better cricketer.

Tennis Attire – Find Out About Tennis Attire

Many of you might be thinking that indoor games are not as interesting as outdoor ones. While you can always expect to have a game of tennis indoors, there are still a lot of interesting things that you can do while playing the game in a different way.

Indoor games are often played in rooms with low ceilings. This means that you can create a great atmosphere by placing posters or banners on the walls that show off a variety of different pictures. You can choose the photos that you want to use, and then you can use them in an attractive manner to create some good ambiance.

Many indoor games require you to wear the appropriate attire for the specific game that you are taking part in. If you are playing tennis indoors, you need to make sure that you have appropriate tennis attire such as a nice shirt and tennis shoes.

In most cases, you will find that indoor games are also very competitive. There are many different types of tennis that you can choose from, which will make it a lot more interesting if you are able to choose among various kinds of opponents. As long as you are playing a good tennis match, it is really easy to get along with the other players in the room.

If you are looking for something a little bit different when it comes to tennis, you might want to try out one of the different games that are available in the market today. When you play tennis indoors, you can definitely get a great deal on tennis equipment that you can use.

When you are looking for tennis apparel, you can certainly find a variety of different options for this particular activity. There are many different brands that are available in the market today, and you should take the time to compare the prices between these different brands.

You might even find that you get a better deal on tennis apparel when you purchase it online as well. Since online retailers usually offer a better selection of products, they might offer you a better price when compared to the online stores that you visit in person.

If you are looking for some great indoor games to play, you might want to consider playing tennis outdoors with your family. There are a variety of different kinds of tennis that you can use in order to create some great memories with your family and friends.

When you play tennis indoors, you will be able to have your entire family to enjoy the activities that are going on. This will allow you to bond with your loved ones and friends in a much more natural manner.

When you play tennis outdoors, you will also have many different types of options to choose from. You can play tennis with other kids or you can play against other adult players.

The great thing about playing tennis indoors is that you do not have to worry about getting the weather in the room to keep you from playing the game. You can play anytime of the year.

You can also find that the weather is very nice, especially during the winter. This means that you do not have to worry about having to wear all of those sweaters in the winter months.

No matter what type of environment that you are trying to create, you will be able to find plenty of tennis apparel to fit your needs in terms of tennis wear. With tennis, there are plenty of different options available in terms of tennis attire.

Healthy Habits – Healthy Lifestyle

There are seven healthy lifestyle habits for life that every person should take on for the rest of their lives. It is a commitment that will help the individual maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their life. Here are seven healthy habits for life that will help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life:

04 Healthy Habits Healthy Lifestyle 2

Commit to an effective self care practice. Include more vegetables in your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables.

Engage in exercise everyday. Do not wait until your body is not feeling well. Exercise everyday to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a healthy habit for life because it keeps your body active and your heart healthy. It also increases your chances of having a longer and better quality life and avoiding many health problems that can be associated with aging.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps the body to fight disease. When your body is healthy, you have fewer symptoms of illness and you have a better chance at avoiding sicknesses.

Write in your journal every day. A journal allows you to think back to events of the day and help to relax your mind. Writing in your journal allows you to express feelings and emotions that otherwise may not be expressed.

Take a daily walk or bike ride. This can be the most important healthy habit for life because it gives you the opportunity to interact with nature and get outside of the house. Walk or bike ride will help your body stay in shape. You can find many different routes that will give you the opportunity to be outdoors and get some fresh air and exercise.

04 Healthy Habits Healthy Lifestyle 3

Engage in a positive thinking habit. The first step to becoming healthy is to be happy and healthy. Your mind, body, and spirit should be working together for you to be happy and healthy. If your mind, body, and spirit are working together you will be in much better health and have a better quality of life.

You are not limited by how old you are or by what kind of skin you have. You can develop healthy lifestyle habits for life and enjoy living a longer, happier, healthier, and longer life.

Healthy habits are important to a good lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is essential to long term health and happiness. Healthy lifestyle is about being physically active and eating right.

Eating right is the first step to eating well. Having healthy eating habits will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. Having healthy eating habits also will make you feel good about yourself and improve your self confidence. Eating right will make you feel good about the way you look and feel.

Eating healthy foods is very important to a healthy diet. Healthy foods provide your body with the nutrients it needs to perform well, to heal and recover, to prevent disease, and to protect you from sicknesses. You need good foods for energy and to be physically active and for your body.

04 Healthy Habits Healthy Lifestyle 1

Eating right is the best way to lose weight. Healthy eating helps the body use up energy faster and use it better.

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important if you want to feel good about yourself and to have a longer, happier, and healthier life. It is easy to live a long, healthy life and enjoy it longer. It is possible to eat well, lose weight, and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Eating healthy is a good way to increase your chances of getting a better job and enjoying a satisfying work life. Living a healthy lifestyle is also important if you want to get a promotion at your job. Healthy lifestyles give you more time for family, friends, and hobbies.

You can change your lifestyle by making changes in your lifestyle. You can create better habits that will help you be happy and healthy for the rest of your life.

Healthy Habits and Lifestyle is a way to get a better quality of life. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for your body and the health of your family.

Healthy Food Recipes – The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Healthy Food Recipes are not the same as recipes that are high in fat and sugar. Healthy food recipes are nutritious, fresh, and can be made without using excess ingredients which may cause harmful side effects to you. Here are some recipes that will make you feel fuller and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Healthy Breakfasts: The first thing you need to know is that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day; hence, most people neglect it and eat less during the day. Eating a healthy balanced breakfast boosts up your metabolism which makes you burn off more calories throughout the day and fuel your body all throughout the day.

You can find so many healthy meals that you can make at home. You don’t have to worry about cooking your own foods as long as they follow healthy food recipes. The best thing about healthy food recipes is that they help you burn fat from your stomach faster and hence, helping you lose weight. Try following the recipes for omelets, breakfast bars, omelet sandwiches, breakfast muffins, egg whites and yolk, oatmeal, banana bread, and yogurt.

Meals are also very easy to prepare and can be easily shared with other family members. Just follow the recipes and you are sure to be able to prepare these healthy meals for your entire family in just minutes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on unhealthy foods and spend time waiting for a table because your meal arrives in no time at all. All you have to do is to add your choice of vegetables, meats, and low fat dairy items.

07 Healthy Food Recipes The Easiest Way To Lose Weight

You can also try making the breakfast sandwiches. If you love cheese then you can make a sandwich with ham, eggs, and cheese. This is one of the best healthy food recipes for breakfast. Also try having a banana cake with apple sauce, muffins, and peanut butter for lunch. They are very healthy and are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Omelets are the second best food to start your day with and you can try making them at home. If you prefer to make the omelets at home, you can start by preparing the batter with eggs, milk, lemon juice, flour, milk, and buttermilk and sugar. It is very easy and takes little time to make a delicious omelette.

Snack all the time: Snacks are the key to losing weight. Instead of eating junk foods, you should try to prepare healthier snacks in your home and prepare your own. Snack items like chocolate bar, peanuts, dried fruits, crackers, cookies, raisins, and dried fruit, whole grain crackers, and apples are some of the great snacks that are very healthy and tasty. It will help you reduce your cravings and hunger and keep your energy level high. This is also recommended that you should have your snacks before going to bed.

It is also a good idea to buy your food items in bulk and save them to use later and store them away for later when you are not hungry. Having the food at home will help you make healthy food recipes at your own convenience.

Try to eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can get in your kitchen. You can even make your own salad dressing or fruit juices. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great sources of antioxidants and fiber. The fruits contain essential nutrients and vitamins needed by the body and these are also beneficial for your health.

Try to prepare your meals at the time of cooking instead of eating them cold. Cooking provides your body with good amounts of heat and helps to burn your fat quicker and you will lose fat faster than you think.

In summary, healthy and unhealthy food recipes are not that difficult to cook, but they are very good to eat as well if you know how to prepare them properly. The health benefits are endless.

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